Basic Automotive Electrical Sensor and Computer Diagnostics with Engine Repair

  •  To conduct a professional inspection of the electrical system and how to use diagnostic equipment for an electrical performance diagnostic evaluation for a complete analysis of the electrical system’s condition to determine if and what maintenance or repair is needed. Students will be equipped with the skills and behaviors necessary to be competent in the electrical cycle and diagnostics of the system malfunctions.
  • The electrical system with the engine repairs improves the student’s skills level and knowledge of the system combine how the electrical sensor and engine work together. The student will also be instructed about current trends, new technology and the use of tools in the automotive industry
  • Automatic Vehicles

Course Descriptions

AUMT-1307 Introduction to Basic Principals of Electrical System with Engine Repair (Lec. 15) (Lab 50) Prerequisite: Life Skills

This course focuses on teaching the students the principals of the electrical system. Students will learn the various systems of electrical components, procedures for diagnostics, repair, servicing, and preventative maintenance.

AUMT-1308 Batteries-Theory Diagnosis & Service (Lec. 15) (Lab 50) Prerequisite: Life Skills

In this course, students will learn about the emerging theory of battery service, including basic electrical diagnostics, repair methods, and hardware used in the electrical system diagnosis process.


AUMT-1309 Charging Systems Power Sources (Lec. 15) (Lab 50) Prerequisite: Life Skills

In this course, students will earn the basic operations of the automotive electrical system. This course will utilize hands-on and visual demonstrations to teach students resistance and the power sources in the electrical system.

AUMT-1310 Ohm’s Law (Lec. 15) (Lab 50) Prerequisite: Life Skills

This course will cover the Ohm’s Law giving students the ability to use diagnostic tools and equipment to repair the electrical system. Students will gain hands-on skills using electrical equipment.

AUMT-1311 Electrical System Circuit Components (Lec. 30) (Lab 50) Prerequisite: Life Skills

This course will orient students how to follow proper procedures for electrical system component diagnosis and repair. Students will learn skills to inspect, test, and replace electrical devices.

AUMT-1312 Electrical Voltage (Lec. 30) (Lab 50) Prerequisite: Life Skills

This course is the hands-on intensive diagnosis and repair of the electrical system. Students will learn voltage skills to repair, replace, and install the electrical system in automobiles and light pick-up trucks by utilizing the knowledge and competencies in the previous courses and visit to area in the electrical repair establishments.

POFT-1127 Basic Computer Skills (Lab. 45) Prerequisite: None

This course teaches the basic skills for the students to use the computer and internet to search for parts information, find, repair, fault tracing instruction, and download software. The students will learn to do VIN breakdowns, engine ID breakdowns; product plates, how to use an acronym guide, download diagrams, descriptions, and locate parts in/for the vehicle. The students will learn basic computer terms and procedures, keyboarding skills, and how to connect a computer to diagnosis a vehicle.

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