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Hogg’s Automotive Training Academy was established way back in 2005 by Dalphine and Terry Hoggs in Texas, Dallas with a mission of teaching job training, financial management, and life skills to those who might otherwise be lost in the shuffle of society.

Helping to fix cars has always come easily for Terry Hogg, who learned about auto mechanics at an early age before adopting it as his career in adulthood.

Helping to fix lives has sometimes been more difficult, as Terry and his wife Dalphine have discovered since they began an outreach program several years ago for at-risk youths and formerly imprisoned men.

Despite the challenges over the years, Terry said there is no greater reward than to see someone progress from being considered an outcast to the point where they are self-sufficient and productive citizens.

“A lot of the people we train have nothing when they get here. Nothing.,” Terry said. “If you’ve just gotten out of prison…you’ve got a lot of things going against you. People don’t want to hire you; you can’t find a place to live–even your own family members sometimes turn their backs on you.  The unfortunate side effect of it all is that many of those individuals end up in hopeless situations..or in the worst case scenario…back in prison.”

Terry Hogg

Owner, Hogg's Automotive Training Academy

“We’ve had people who have just come in off the street and ask if they can do some work. It gives them a different outlook about themselves and about life when they’re able to learn a trade that allows them to make a decent living here in our community.”

Dalphine Hogg

Owner, Hogg's Automotive Training Academy

“If I would have had something like their Life Skills class 20 years ago. I don’t think I would have committed the crime that sent me to prison,” said graduate Fredrick Gipson. “I would definitely recommend their programs to anyone who’s in the same situation I was after my release.” Terry smiles when he hears a story like Fredrick’s but is quick to point out that, in a perfect world, he’d like to be able to reach out to young men and women before they find themselves locked up.

    “There are so many kids in this area who have already dropped out of school…and who don’t have much–if any–parental guidance,” said Terry. “We try to put them on the right path by teaching them a useful trade and also teaching them some of the things they’ll need to know in order to succeed in the business world.”

“I learned how to repair cars at the academy…but I also learned how to relate to people,” said graduate John Nguyen. “From here, I want to expand my learning to a higher level so that I can build a big business and provide a better life for everyone who needs help.”

The Hoggs are hoping to instill that kind of “pay it forward” mentality into everyone they come into contact with. “When you give someone the tools they need to take care of themselves…a positive outlook will generally follow,” Terry said. “That’s what we’re all about here.”

In addition to the Life Skills Classes taught at Hogg’s Automotive Training Academy, there are Pre-Apprenticeship and OJT/OJL programs available that provide an intense, 15-week training period that covers everything from basic engine diagnostics to auto body and collision work.

The OJT/OJL courses are 3-6 month programs geared at those who desire hands-on auto repair experience. Students must be evaluated and approved for this program and must also submit to a drug test in order to participate.


There is also a 2-year Registered Apprentice Program available where applicants receive training in all aspects of auto repair before being certified upon graduation by the Department of Labor and Hogg’s Automotive Training Academy, Inc.

Terry is often frustrated by a society that tends to overlook those who’ve made mistakes or may not have the intellectual capacity to compete at the college level.

“Are we supposed to just forget about those individuals?” said Terry. “How are those people supposed to make a living if they can’t get a job?”

 And while he can’t change all of society, it’s Terry’s hope that he can at least make headway in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, where drop-out at local high schools are reaching alarming levels and local jails are filled to capacity.
“Everybody in life deserves a second chance,” Terry said. “Those are the people that we’re reaching out to.” Ultimately, the Hoggs say it’s a matter of public awareness…and more importantly..community support.

“We’re reaching out to people in different segments of our society,” said Dalphine. “High school counselors; police officers…even parents…if you know of someone that you feel is suited for our programs…put them in touch with us.

“And if you’re a repair shop owner or a similar employer willing to give a second chance to a qualified candidate…we’d also like to hear from you..there are potential benefits for your business that go along with the feeling of doing something good.”

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